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To star or not to star…that is the question.

A too-long-to-discuss-on-twitter post…

I noticed Jeremy Keith and Jeffrey Zeldman discussing and retweeting view-points on whether passwords should be hidden/starred-out (on websites).


"Make passwords visible by default, with a toggle to hide. Blackout dots in password entry fields are security theater." @adactio

Prague: A conference tee critique

[edit] A few people have tweeted surprise about interpreting the slogan this way, and the organisers have commented to note that the double-meaning wasn't intentional.

We've had some great Drupalcon t-shirts over the years. London played on its punk heritage with a Druplicon roundel design inspired by The Who, Munich referenced classic Bavarian dress, Denver incorporated the region's climbing axe symbology…

At Drupalcon Prague, the official T-shirt punned database terminology against Prague's stag city reputation, with the slogan 'One to many'.

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Recruitment and the art of flawed analogy

It's becoming a regular theme: "If XXX Were Hired Like Programmers".

Here's a snippet from If Carpenters Were Hired Like Programmers:

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