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Notes from a Northern conference

Last week I went to (and gave a tutorial at) the PHP North West conference, in Manchester.

Conference feedback

As always, the organisers did a fantastic job. PHPNW know how to put on a great conference, so huge thanks for all the time and effort they put in.

Ideas, thoughts, and interesting things

This is really a bit of a disjointed brain-dump of a list, because I haven't had time to really read up on these things yet.

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Piping to PHP

Pipes are cool, super-uber cool. Simple, elegant, and opens up more functionality than you can shake a stick at.

Unfortunately they're rather unused in the PHP community.

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Colouring in bash for OS-X

I like colours. I like things to stand out. Most of all, I like to be very very clear which computer I'm using when I'm typing in commands (init 0; wait-no-that wasn't the production server, was it?!)

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Drupal performance tutorial at PHPNW 7 October

The PHP North-West conference is an annual conference favourite of mine...This year they're running a tutorial day for the first time - and I'm pleased to say I'm running a tutorial on Drupal performance (and the tools we use to make Drupal faster).

I'll be talking about topics including:

Always On (IRC)

Addicted to IRC?
Feel like you're missing out when you're not logged in?
You're not alone. But there is an answer! (And it's not a self-help group).

ZNC is an IRC bouncer. Basically, it stays permanently connected to the IRC servers; you connect to ZNC, and it re-plays any messages that were sent whilst you were disconnected.

Hacking contextual links in Drupal 7

Drupal 7 comes with some cool new tools like contextual links

Contextual links are added to blocks using hook_block_view or hook_block_view_alter:

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