Blog: 5 April 2010

Jumping in with Microsoft

Tomorrow I'll be going to Zurich to join Microsoft at their JumpIn Camp.

It's become a cliche to bash Microsoft, and not too long ago I'd have probably joined in. But these days, it feels like change is in the air, bring the heady fragrances of community, openness, and innovation...all very exciting.

New blog site

Finally...I got around to building a blog site for myself. It's been one of those projects that has sat on my to-do list for an incredibly long time, and kept on being pushed down the list. It's now here, thanks to several days off and several late nights hacking at code!

I'll eventually write up an 'About this site' section - for now, suffice to say it's build using Pressflow, Varnish, a handful of community Drupal modules, a custom module to provide the blog views and blog navigation block, and a custom theme.

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