Notes from a Northern conference

Last week I went to (and gave a tutorial at) the PHP North West conference, in Manchester.

Conference feedback

As always, the organisers did a fantastic job. PHPNW know how to put on a great conference, so huge thanks for all the time and effort they put in.

Ideas, thoughts, and interesting things

This is really a bit of a disjointed brain-dump of a list, because I haven't had time to really read up on these things yet.

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Piping to PHP

Pipes are cool, super-uber cool. Simple, elegant, and opens up more functionality than you can shake a stick at.

Unfortunately they're rather unused in the PHP community.

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I could use a REST from ModRewrite

I won't enthuse about the virtues of web-services and especially REST - many people have written great articles and presentations before me :-)

One problem irked me: delivering different content on the same URL using a framework.

I'm building a system which stores data about a company.
You visit company/20 and you get a page with data about company 20.
You POST to company/20 and the system saves the new data.

This can make your controller a little fugly:

else {

Getting Antsy with Phing

Earlier today, I set to work on an open source project...pulled down a copy from github, and started reading through the code.

And there I found a build.xml file.

At first I didn't think anything of it - plenty of my projects have ended up using Ant for setup, builds, CI and other myriad tasks.

Developing and testing against live

I usually develop locally on a VM. I generally have more confidence if I'm developing on a platform which is as much like live as possible - and this usually means copying the live database to my local dev environment.

Jumpin Camp technology review

After returning from Jumpin Camp I ended up diving straight into the whirlwind of a site launch...two weeks on I've had the time to collect my thoughts, so now feels like the time to talk about some of the technology we encountered.

JumpIn Camp progress

We're in the final day of JumpIn Camp, and the last two days have been a whirlwind of coding, with some great results.

Agavi, phpBB, Doctrine, osCommerce, cakePHP, Drupal and X-Debug have all been pulled apart, stuck back together, hacked and patched to make them work with Azure and take advantage of the native interfaces such as Azure SQL and Azure storage.

Jumping in with Microsoft

Tomorrow I'll be going to Zurich to join Microsoft at their JumpIn Camp.

It's become a cliche to bash Microsoft, and not too long ago I'd have probably joined in. But these days, it feels like change is in the air, bring the heady fragrances of community, openness, and innovation...all very exciting.

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