Overriding URLs with Drupal panel pages

Hi, My name's Marcus, and I'm addicted to Drupal panels.
(For those of you who haven't come across this wonderdrug before, panels is a layout-engine for Drupal: it lets you add and lay out content, blocks, views and other panels on the page. And it's awesome!)

Panels has a UI which lets you setup new panel pages: e.g. you could add the URL /jobs for your jobs listing page.

A set of system URLs can also be overridden: e.g. node/%node can be overridden to use a panel-page instead of the core node_page_view function.

Panels magic

I love unexpected discoveries.

Drupal's Panels module seems to find its way into most of my site builds, along with custom layouts, panel-panes and all sorts of goodness.

I used to declare custom panel layouts this way:

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